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Blacktown West Public School opened in 1957.

The school community includes families from diverse cultural backgrounds. The main languages spoken are English, Samoan, Hindi, Arabic, Mandarin and Cantonese. In all 39 languages are spoken.

The staff and parents work in partnership to provide high quality teaching and learning programs in a stimulating and challenging environment that encourages students to become lifelong learners. Quality teaching and learning is supported by outstanding technology programs and resources. Teachers extend the students' skills in all key learning areas through the use of interactive whiteboards, fully networked computers in all classrooms, the computer room and the mini lab attached to the library. 

To develop the students' talents, the school offers a wide range of programs including, debating, dance, choral work, student leadership and the opportunity to participate in district sporting teams and gala days for many sports. The school also provides specific programs for students with a mild intellectual disability, behavioural and emotional needs.

The school has two classes for students with an intellectual disability and one for students with an emotional and behavioural disability and provides inclusive programs for all students. Individual programs are offered for students with an intellectual, emotional, social or language disability as well as assistance for these students in all settings.

The school receives supplementary funding from the equity program to assist in implementing additional strategies to improve student outcomes in literacy and numeracy. This has been a major contributing factor to the success and the extent of the growth of students' skills as measured by the NAPLAN (National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy) test sat by students from Years 3 and 5.

The writing project in the computer room aims to raise the students' skills in writing as well as their competencies with computers. Students produce work samples related to class units of work, using a variety of programs. Work samples produced include word processing documents, posters, spreadsheets, slide shows and multimedia presentations. The students are able to access the internet and the school's intranet where they research a topic, send and receive emails, view school media and work on saved files.

The student representative committee works hard throughout the year to raise funds for their projects.

Student success is celebrated throughout the year at weekly assemblies and in memorable presentation assemblies at the end of the year. Blacktown West Public School has a dedicated team of parents and staff that support the students to achieve their best.

Meg Peel

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